All the Beautiful Planners & Journals of 2018

Beautiful Planner and Journal Covers
A Printed Life on Instagram

2018 was abundant with beautiful planner and journal covers. Exquisite pieces from Chic SparrowFoxy Fix, Filofax, Van Der Spek, and Gillio were all the rage. As a result, social media feeds overflowed with examples of their beauty.

Each planner and journal cover brought the promise of pages to be filled with wild and wonderful ideas. And each new piece of leather brought the aroma of the heavens and intoxicating textures with it. If you’re  seasoned collector or new to this world, it doesn’t matter because the experience of a new, high-quality cover never gets old. 

I remember each and every unboxing of a new leather journal cover, or traveler’s notebook. The way the wrapping crinkles makes your fingers tingle in anticipation. Then the heavenly scent escapes its packaging and envelops you. Your fingers glide over the cover taking in all of the pebbling and veining inherent to the leather. Only a child with a bountiful Christmas morning haul understands the feeling that a stationery connoisseur gets when unwrapping a new cover.

As the year comes to a close, let’s pay homage to all the beautiful planner and journal covers of 2018 because 2019 promises to bring so many more!

Instagram Perfect Planners and Planner Envy

Instagram Perfect Planners & Planner Envy
Social media is flooded with images of planner and journal pages as works of art. There is a pervasive sense of something lacking and envy among planner and journal keepers.

Planner and journal pages that are gallery-worthy works of art are all over social media. Whether your planner or journal is a homemade bujo, ring planner, or simple Traveler’s Notebook, you’ve undoubtedly come across versions of it on Instagram and other social media that made you feel like yours is inadequate. They might have even left you feeling envious of the social media version.

The planner and journal worlds have exploded in recent years and collided with the scrapbooking and art journaling worlds. It’s an exciting time in these communities with so much creativity flowing. But there is also a pervasive sense of something lacking and envy among planner and journal keepers.

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