Instagram Perfect Planners and Planner Envy

Instagram Perfect Planners & Planner Envy
Social media is flooded with images of planner and journal pages as works of art. There is a pervasive sense of something lacking and envy among planner and journal keepers.

Planner and journal pages that are gallery-worthy works of art are all over social media. Whether your planner or journal is a homemade bujo, ring planner, or simple Traveler’s Notebook, you’ve undoubtedly come across versions of it on Instagram and other social media that made you feel like yours is inadequate. They might have even left you feeling envious of the social media version.

The planner and journal worlds have exploded in recent years and collided with the scrapbooking and art journaling worlds. It’s an exciting time in these communities with so much creativity flowing. But there is also a pervasive sense of something lacking and envy among planner and journal keepers.

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