By now you’ve probably heard of One Book July – the planner challenge started in 2014 by Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm, Carie Harling, and Miss Vickybee. The challenge was a call to planners to set aside the chaos that much of the planner world found (and still finds) themselves in when it comes to the search for the ever-elusive “planner peace,” and embrace one book for all planning without switching systems.

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Welcome to A Printed Life

Welcome – I’m so happy to see you! Since you’re here, you probably have some familiarity with my Etsy shop or are active in the planner community. Either way, great! This site is all about the ways that pen and paper can be used to enhance your life: from documenting your days, loves and dislikes, wins and losses, to how to organize, plan, and journal. I want to dive into all of it with you. I hope that these pages inspire you on your journey to make yours a┬áprinted life.