Nineteen Collections to Keep in 2019

My Collections

One habit that nearly all planners and journalers seem to agree on is keeping lists, or collections as bujoists call them. In this post I’m going to share the 19 lists I will be keeping in my own bujo in 2019. I hope you find inspiration in these collections for your own planners and bujos in the new year.

Why You Should Make and Keep Collections

Collections provide limitless benefits from stimulating creativity to helping you determine your values and goals. They serve as a record of your memories and things you don’t want to forget. Of course, the benefit reaped from any given collection depends on the collection itself. For example, a list of TV shows you’ve watched may not yield the insights you need to finish your project, but it will probably be fun to make. Comparatively, listing your biggest accomplishments from the year might give you new insights about your life and its direction.

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