Nineteen Collections to Keep in 2019

One habit that nearly all planners and journalers seem to agree on is keeping lists, or collections as bujoists call them. In this post I’m going to share the 19 lists I will be keeping in my own bujo in 2019. I hope you find inspiration in these collections for your own planners and bujos in the new year.

Why You Should Make and Keep Collections

Collections provide limitless benefits from stimulating creativity to helping you determine your values and goals. They serve as a record of your memories and things you don’t want to forget. Of course, the benefit reaped from any given collection depends on the collection itself. For example, a list of TV shows you’ve watched may not yield the insights you need to finish your project, but it will probably be fun to make. Comparatively, listing your biggest accomplishments from the year might give you new insights about your life and its direction.

My 19 for 2019

1. My family’s favorite meals 
I can’t count the number of times I’ve wondered what to make for dinner or to put on the weekly meal plan. This collection saves me time and headaches by providing a handy list of tried-and-true favorites. 

2. Inspiring quotes
I’ve experienced an increase in creativity, been lifted out of a slump, and even had light shed on my innermost values with this collection. It has been a staple in my journals for years.

3. Exercise and movement 
This collection is a valuable tool in my physical health journey. I can easily monitor my physical limitations and gains. Additionally, I can readily see where I need to make adjustments.

4. Weather tracker 
Having a record of what the weather was on any given day is not only extremely interesting to look back at, it can also help you see patterns in your health. For example, I track daily barometric pressure and have been able to cross-reference the occurrence of my migraines. This has given my doctor accurate insights into my health rather than me recalling sporadic episodes at my appointments.

Barometric Pressure Tracker
Tracking the barometric pressure has been instrumental in fighting my migraines.

5. Bill payment log
I don’t know about you, but I still need to write the occasional check and I don’t have all of my electronic payment dates memorized. Keeping a bill payment log each year gives me peace of mind that I know where my money is going – especially since it can take several days for payments to post to my bank account. 

6. Journaling supply wishlist
I actually keep several categorized wishlists. This helps me weed through passing wants and heartfelt desires for new things.

7 & 8. Movies I’ve watched and that I want to see
I used to love seeing all the newest movies. Life happens though and I’m barely keeping up with 2015’s releases let alone today’s releases. These two lists help refresh my memory and prioritize the rare movie night.

9. Places I want to travel to
I love this collection because it is pure dreaming. I love imagining what life is like in places I haven’t been to. Also, it’s fun to imagine all the new and exciting experiences my family might have on a vacation.

10. Me time indulgences
It’s hard for any parent to set aside me time even though it’s so important. Having a ready-made list of ideas for such a precious time insures not one minute will go to waste when the elusive me time does appear.

11. Date night ideas
My sweetheart and I rarely get to sneak away for a date night. Therefore, we find this list is essential to helping us keep our special dates unique and memorable.

12. New ideas and concepts
I’ve found that incorporating this collection reminds me to keep my eyes open and mind alert for new thoughts and ideas. It’s neat to look back through the years and see when you “discovered” a particular concept. 

13. Summer bucket list
Some times in life just fly by. Summer is one of them. While keeping this bucket list for each summer doesn’t guarantee I’ll do each thing, it helps remind me what I thought was important to try to experience.

14. Master to-do list
I will be the first to admit that this isn’t a fun list. However, it is an essential list. Dedicating a page or two to a master to-do list is insurance that I don’t forget all the little things that may not have a defined due date but need to be completed none-the-less.

15. Medical concerns
Have you ever gone to your yearly physical and forgotten to report that troubling ailment because it wasn’t so troubling on the day of your doctor visit? I have! Now I keep a list for each family member detailing all medical concerns so we don’t forget any pertinent information when seeing the doctor.

Health Tracker
Presenting detailed information to your doctor is essential.

16. Books I want to read
I like to keep track of books I’ve read and want to read in Goodreads. Occasionally though, independently released books don’t appear in the Goodreads database. This collection gives me a tidy space to keep track of these outliers so they don’t go forgotten.

17. Family traditions
This list gives me warm cuddly feelings. I enjoy documenting the practices we’ve cultivated as a family. Most importantly though, I feel a sense of peace knowing my children will one day stumble upon this list and be flooded with the love and warmth of their childhoods.

18. Makeup product numbers
Makeup shades and lines are constantly changing and products are constantly being retired and introduced. More than a few times having the product number of my standard favorites has helped me figure out a comparable shade when my go-to has been unavailable. 

19. Ultimate favorites list
The name says it all with this collection. Here I write down every favorite of mine that I can think of: song, book, color, website, food, number, dog breed, sound, type of day, season, roller coaster, and on and on. I find this list helps elevate my mood. It also reminds me of my interests when I’ve neglected them for a little too long. And I’ve frequently found that it inspires my artwork to connect with these little parts of myself.

Your 19 for 2019

I hope my 19 for 2019 inspires you to incorporate collections into your planner or journal in the new year. The possibilities are endless depending on your interests and stage in life. But what if you don’t have 19 ideas for lists? Then do 10 for 2019, or 5, or 12. Have more than 19? Go wild! You get the picture. This is your space. Make it yours and have fun with it. I have no doubt that you’ll have fun and because these are your collections, I bet you’ll even learn a bit more about yourself.

What are some of the lists you plan on incorporating into your planner or journal? I’d love to hear about them!

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